Phoenix Trade Co

Phoenix Trade Co

Phoenix Trade Co is a trading company that transports, imports and exports high quality consumer trade goods around the globe. We handle both retail and wholesale distribution of high end technology, toys and games, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, personal hygiene items, as well as industrial equipment and much more. Click here to see all of our products.

We aim to use the latest technological advancements to revolutionize the shipping and transportation industry while simultaneously working to blend it with the rapidly expanding e-commerce market. In working with one of our partner companies, we can not only help supply products to your business idea but help you fully develop your idea from scratch and do everything else as required.

Phoenix Trade Co - Import/Export Consumer Goods Transportation
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Latest Technology

We utilize the latest digital technologies and transportation advancements to provide customers with the lowest priced and highest quality trade goods. We are able to lower prices by slashing overhead and automating many different technologies, all while managing to remain eco-friendly. Click here to learn more about our technologies.

In addition to helping you store your products at one of our remote warehouses around the globe we can also assist you in drop-shipping which allows you to easily and quickly get your products to your customers. Learn more about our storage and drop-shipping program.